When the grid goes down

Electric Tower

I once thought that “preppers” were odd people. They always seemed focused on preparing for some unlikely disaster of one kind or another. I couldn’t understand their obsession and their belief that some type of major disaster was inevitable.

Now I Get It

In 2013, some rental properties that my family own flooded during the night. The flood affected many villages in Central New York, which have never before experienced torrential rains of this magnitude.

In our properties, the flood destroyed furnaces, hot water tanks, washers and dryers, you name it. Buoyant hot water tanks were ripped from the plumbing and water supply lines had to be shut down. Mud and sand got into everything including furnace controls and laundry equipment. Everything had to be replaced.

Many families in the area were without hot water and electricity for a week or more and furnaces took over a month to replace. The flood occurred in summer. Otherwise, things would have been a lot worse.

Since that experience, I have become more aware of the increasing frequency of storms, which I attribute to global warming. I’ve also become aware of other threats to the nation’s power grid, which include destructive acts by terrorists and even the possibility of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack that could take down the grid in its entirety.

I guess I’ve become one of those “prepper people” myself. I now own a gas generator, solar power system, emergency propane heaters and, of course, a stash of food and water. I hope you are preparing likewise, and that my experience will make a believer out of you.

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