America Unplugged

America Unplugged

America Unplugged WaveLengths Predictions for 2015

Hackers have proven they can do severe damage to information systems, including the nation's power grid which depends on computerized controls. People have come to the realization that anything and everything can be hacked in our computer-connected society, including their own bank and credit accounts.

Wavelengths predicts that a citizen backlash will occur in 2015, which will result in a large number of people pulling the plug on the Internet altogether. A portion of this group will also pull the plug on the power grid, once they realize how vulnerable our electrical grid has become to cyber-attacks and other threats. After disconnecting from the grid, these individuals will avail themselves of various "off-grid" home generating options now available, some of which are covered in this issue of WaveLengths Magazine.

In effect, the "Prepper Movement" is going mainstream!

Neither the government nor commercial interests will be happy as citizens begin "The Big Disconnect." Afraid of losing their ability to influence and monitor the citizenry over the nation's network infrastructure, vested interest groups will try to stop it.


If any of this sounds like crazy conspiracy theory, consider this: It is already illegal to unplug yourself from the power grid in some communities. In these localities, attempts to "live off the grid" can land you in jail.

Also, to illustrate how vulnerable the Internet has become to hackers, corporations themselves are beginning to unplug from the public Internet, relying instead on private networks to protect themselves. With mainstream corporations taking the lead, can private citizens be far behind?